NiTime Aligners, Asheville, NC

Transform your smile and experience hassle-free teeth straightening designed to fit your lifestyle.

NiTime Aligners in Asheville, North CarolinaWhen you are looking for a convenient and revolutionary approach to teeth straightening, NiTime aligners from OrthoFX offer a discreet and comfortable solution that suits your lifestyle. These aligners are custom-made, transparent trays that are designed to gradually shift your teeth into their desired positions. NiTime aligners will let you achieve a straighter and more confident smile that also improves your overall well-being.

NiTime aligners are the first FDA-approved aligners for nighttime wear only. You only have to wear them for 9 hours each day, compared to 22 hours with traditional aligners, so you can go on with your normal day without having to wear the aligners.

NiTime Aligners in Asheville, North Carolina

While aesthetics is often the primary focus of teeth straightening, using NiTime aligners will also enhance your oral health. Crooked or misaligned teeth can contribute to a range of dental issues that result from greater difficulty in cleaning your teeth properly, including plaque buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease. When your teeth are aligned, maintaining your oral hygiene becomes much easier and more effective, which mitigates these risks and promotes long-term wellness.

Our goal at Embark Dental is to help you enjoy improved self-esteem and overall oral health, which is why we highly recommend NiTime aligners. We’ll also provide guidance and support throughout your teeth straightening journey, with tailored advice to continue proper oral hygiene practices and care. Attending regular check-ups allows us to track progress and address any concerns you may have, ensuring you enjoy a smooth and successful experience. You’ll have peace of mind and confidence that you are supported every step of the way.

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