Solea Laser, Asheville, NC

Revolutionize your dental experience when you request the Solea laser for your next treatment.

Solea Laser in Asheville, North CarolinaDental anxiety is a common response for many people – in fact, it impacts up to 80% of adults in the United States and causes over 20% of anxious patients to avoid the dentist on a regular basis. At Embark Dental, we keep on top of technology to maintain a high-tech practice that offers a unique and elevated dental experience. Part of this includes finding tailored solutions and treatments for people with a wide range of needs, including anxiety associated with dental visits.

The Solea laser is a groundbreaking innovation that offers you a more comfortable and efficient alternative to traditional dental treatments. It uses a precise, anesthesia-free laser, which allows our team to perform various dental procedures such as cavity preparations or soft tissue surgeries without the drills and needles. The key advantage of the Solea laser is that it eliminates the need for injections, minimizes discomfort, and can significantly reduce your fear or apprehension about a dental appointment. Additionally, Solea Sleep can potentially treat palatal snoring without any surgery.

Using the Solea laser allows our office to provide the highest quality of care and comfort, enhance your dental experience, and take a modern approach to oral care. Its efficiency and precision also enable us to achieve optimal results, ensuring you enjoy improved oral health and overall well-being. We strive to provide a positive environment that is personalized for your needs, with honest and authentic dental services that put you first. Our office serves the Asheville, North Carolina community with a commitment to compassionate and high-quality care.

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