Dental Extractions, Asheville, NC

You can trust our skilled team for successful dental extractions.

To guarantee patient comfort and safety, dental extractions, despite being regular procedures, require accuracy, knowledge, and a dependable team. Every stage of the procedure, from the first consultation to post-care, necessitates exacting attention to detail and flawless collaboration. At Embark Dental, we understand this, and we work hard to provide you with the best services for your needs.

Dental Extractions in Asheville, North Carolina

Our team’s expertise and skill are among the main reasons to entrust us with handling your dental extractions. We can confidently handle challenging situations, including impacted teeth, root fractures, or close contact with important structures like sinuses and nerves. We’re also able to foresee difficulties and modify our strategy accordingly to reduce the possibility of complications, guaranteeing the best possible outcome for our patients.

Our dentist, Dr. Marc, will consult with you about the best approach to handle your specific situation. If an extraction is the best course of action, we will walk you through what to expect and answer any questions you have. We may also recommend a bone graft after the tooth is extracted to help preserve the bone and promote better healing over time. This step is very important if you are considering replacing your tooth in the future with a dental implant or bridge. It is much easier, more predictable, and more cost effective to maintain bone rather than try to grow it back in the future, so it is critical to make this decision early.

Speaking of our patients, for many, the dentist’s office can be a frightening place. Not only do we have the skills needed to handle dental extractions, but we also provide a warm and inviting space to help you feel more comfortable. This helps to reduce nervousness and foster trust. We want every interaction you have with our staff to be a positive experience, starting from the time you walk in the door to when you head home.

In addition to our compassionate approach, we also focus on maintaining good communication and responsiveness to your concerns. You’ll see that we take the time to answer any concerns or questions as we walk you through the dental extraction procedure. This strengthens your confidence in us and increases your peace of mind.
During dental extractions, our team works like a well-oiled machine, with each member efficiently carrying out their assigned tasks to maximize productivity. We also follow standardized procedures and participate in regular training sessions to guarantee we’re up to date on the latest tools and techniques.

It is impossible to overemphasize how crucial it is to collaborate with a trustworthy team when having dental extractions done. Contact our team in the Asheville, North Carolina area to learn more.