Root Canals, Asheville, NC

You can trust the skill and precision of our team to successfully complete your root canal.

The mention of a root canal is one of the dental procedures that causes the most anxiety among people. Even the most courageous people might get chills just thinking about it. But amid this anxiety, there is one important factor that can have a big impact on how this treatment turns out: the dental team’s experience. The good news is that our team at Embark Dental not only has the experience and skill needed to perform root canals, but we also offer an inviting atmosphere, which helps alleviate any nerves.

Root Canals in Asheville, North Carolina

The goal of endodontic therapy, sometimes referred to as root canal therapy, is to salvage a severely damaged or infected tooth while also reducing pain. It entails extracting the tooth’s infected pulp, cleaning and sanitizing the area where the root sits, and sealing them to stop additional infection. Even though root canals are now more comfortable and efficient than ever because of technological improvements in dentistry, the skill of the dental team still plays a critical role in their outcome.

Our team has advanced training that allows us to precisely identify the underlying problem that necessitates a root canal. Because of this, we can identify subtle symptoms and indicators that others might miss. Additionally, an accurate diagnosis reduces the possibility of problems or the need for additional treatments by ensuring the right treatment plan is put into place right away.

High levels of efficiency and precision are also necessary when it comes to root canals. With experience on our side, we’ve refined our techniques to accurately and confidently navigate the complex anatomy of the tooth. This skill results in less discomfort for you and quicker treatment. We also use the newest methods and innovations in endodontic therapy, which gives us and you better results.

If you’re faced with needing one or more root canals in the Asheville, North Carolina area, reach out to our experienced team.